More than 200 creative hands

We have been involved in the totality of the Murales product manufacturing process for over three decades, which is why we are immensely proud to be able to provide you with the comfort of home with our chairs, tables, benches and cabinets.

At Murales, we know that more than 200 creative hands have been doing an excellent job. With our knowledge, skills and attention to detail, we create everyday comfort for your home. From nature to ambience. From a chair to the relaxation it offers.

If you feel comfortable, we have done our job. As new generations turn to Murales, we know that the quality of our solid wood products has grown into a tradition.

From a dining table that brings people together to all the tasty treats that accompany a relaxed conversation.


Murales is located in Ljutomer, a city in the north-east of Slovenia. We export to countries throughout Europe and all the way to the United States.

The Core Business of Murales

The core business of Murales is the production of dining room seating furniture, chairs, tables, corner benches and solid wood dining room display cabinets.​

We listen to the wood,
respect it and use it to create
the very best products.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to provide comfort, quality, and, last but not least, a touch of prestige that our products bring to your home. From the material that is a gift from nature and with the help of our knowledge, precision and conscientiousness, we create solid-wood products that are passed on from generation to generation.

We want to become the leading producer and seller of solid-wood furniture of the highest quality. In the future, we wish to position our knowledge, our vast experience and the potential of our own development on the global market more intensively and under our own brand.

Social responsibility

We are well aware of this principle and are successfully involved and engaged in our local environment as sponsors and donors. Our contributions go to local clubs, associations and individuals in various fields.

The awareness that we have only one planet is always at the forefront of our work.

This led to the fact that we opened our own sawmill almost two decades ago, which allows us to trace our materials from the forest to the finished product. Our local environment of Prlekija offers wood of the highest quality and is the reason why we do not have to use long transport routes and leave an unnecessary environmental footprint. Before further use, the wood must first be well cured, dried. We give our material all the time it needs to be at its best, which can take anywhere from half a year to two years. In order for the furniture to serve your home well and for a long time, we treat it with nature-friendly water varnishes or lyes. Sustainability is our focus from the forest and all the way to the final product.

You only receive good things in return

if you contribute to the environment you work in.

Murales through time

We have faith in nature. We have faith in wood.

What nature has been creating for decades and offering us in the form of solid wood must be good. Every natural material needs time. Wood is no exception. Our mission is to listen to it, respect it and use it to create the very best products.



Wood processing business and consequently also the carpentry, sawmill and trade services started with the construction of a log saw in Ljutomer. The production continued until World War II, after which the plant was nationalised.


The wood processing facilities became a part of a company from Murska Sobota named LIP.


After becoming a part of LIP Maribor, the company shifted towards the production of various furniture.


This was followed by the specialisation of the plant in Ljutomer for the production of kitchen furniture, especially chairs, tables, and benches.


Construction of a new production and assembly hall, construction of new facilities for hardware and construction of facilities for accompanying activities.


Refocusing the solid wood furniture program on the production of more elaborate products of high quality. Establishing seating and dining room furniture on the market. 30% of manufactured products were exported to the Western market.


Towards the end of the year, conscientious and dedicated workers made the crucial decision to pursue an independent path and be ready for new ventures under a new brand.


The launch of the current Murales, which started its own development under its own brand of kitchen and dining room seating furniture. This was followed by the construction of our own warehouse of finished products. In doing so, the company was able to better organize its sales and provide customers with more combinations when choosing dining room and seating furniture.


Construction of a warehouse for semi-finished products, sanders, assembly lines, modern furniture paint shops, varnish warehouses, solid wood bending area, sawn wood warehouse.


The company buys a sawmill for production process purposes.


Murales celebrates its 20th anniversary.


More than 100 employees and modernised technological processes with six CNC machines enable the company to grow and develop successfully. The average annual production amounts to over 40,000 products and €5,000,000 in turnover. The company operates on an area of 90,000 square meters in total, with in-door facilities occupying 45,000 square meters.


Murales celebrates its 30th anniversary. New sales approaches in both domestic and foreign markets, the modernisation of production and the introduction of modern marketing forms and tools enable the company to continue to grow and develop products under its own brand.