Service and Tips

We carefully manufacture our products so that they can spend many beautiful moments and unforgettable years in your company.

Below you will find helpful tips for the care, cleaning, protection and installation of the furniture, as well as frequently asked questions of our customers.

Our services: Upholstering

Upholstery is available for backrests and seats of the chairs. For upholstery, we use fabrics from our current programme of materials and a wide array of other fabrics, leather and synthetic leather (ATN PVC).


You can also bring your own fabrics.

Our services: Re-upholstery

The Murales customers can get their products re-upholstered.       

Upon prior announcement and selection of materials from our offer, we set the deadline together and the products get a "brand new look".


What nature has been creating for decades and offering us in the form of solid wood must be good.

Nature offers the highest quality raw material in its most authentic form. Wood. All you have to do is listen to it.

naše storitve: Laminated panels

Laminated panels are produced from beech, oak or ash wood upon request.

The panels are custom-made, with the size adjusted to client’s specifications.

tips: Care for and cleaning of the products

Appropriate liquid cleaners without abrasives are used to clean the artificial padding.

Clean natural or surface-treated wood with furniture care liquids.

For woven covers, use foamy liquid cleaners applied with a soft sponge or cotton cloth.

Clean the artificial covers with a cotton cloth soaked in water with the addition of liquid cleaners without abrasives.

Attention: Liquid cleaners must be free of solvents, ammonia or other aggressive substances and abrasives!

tips: Product installation

Our products may only be installed indoors. When installing the furniture, follow the special instructions provided and the following tips:

  • the products should be installed in closed spaces with normal humidity and temperature,
  • the products should be at least 100 cm from direct heat radiation, otherwise they must be protected by thermal isolation,
  • the products must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

tips: Table top protection

We recommend that you protect the surface of the table top from:

  • damage (glass or table cover) that may result from daily use, inappropriate or poor quality cutlery or tableware (plates, glasses, etc.),
  • b) direct contact with hot items (pot, iron, etc.) by using thermal insulators.

If you feel comfortable,

we have done our job.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many working days does it take to receive an order?

We are an independent manufacturer of all types of dining room furniture and custom-made products and we strive to ensure the shortest delivery times possible. The expected delivery time is up to 45 days or as agreed.

2. Do you also offer product installation upon purchase?

Yes, upon buying our products we also offer the required professional installation of all the purchased items/products.

3. Do Murales products have a warranty?

Our products have a 5-year warranty on STRUCTURAL STRENGTH. We also offer a two-year warranty for FABRICS, LEATHER AND ARTIFICIAL LEATHER for all products in accordance with European standards.

4. Is it necessary to include an invoice in the event of a complaint?

Yes. When filing a complaint, you must submit an invoice. It is impossible to file a complaint without an invoice.

5. We own your products and we would like to change the fabric on them. Do you offer re-upholstery?

We offer re-upholstery, but with prior announcement.

6. Can individual products have different structures of the wood?

Of course. Wood is a natural product, sculpted by time itself. Thus, the structure of the wood cannot be the same in all products.

7. Where can I see and buy Murales products?

Our range of products is available in all the best furniture showrooms in Slovenia. In addition, we are constantly expanding our showroom network.

» See where you can find our range of products.